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Viledon cooltexx Nonwovens for Coolant and Lubricant Filtration

Viledon® cooltexx

Viledon® cooltexx nonwovens for filtration of coolants and lubricants are available in a wide range of application-specific types for all vacuum, pressure and gravity belt filter systems, in all customary roll widths and lengths. In terms of their filter fineness, fiber type and structure, Viledon filter media are matched to the machining processes involved (drilling, polishing, honing, etc.), the materials concerned (cast iron, aluminum, etc.) and the different process liquids, like emulsions and oils, but also washing, phosphating and coagulation baths. Thanks to their dependable, application-optimized arrestance capabilities, coupled with high wet strength and long lifetimes, they clean the liquids involved by removing even fine particles without clogging up. Thus not only are the useful lifetimes of the process liquids and tools significantly extended, the quality of the workpieces being machined is also enhanced. On request, we’ll also be pleased to assist you in optimizing your filter systems by on-site measurements and analyses.

Viledon Nonwovens for Coolant and Lubricant Filtration
Survey: Application-specific Product Recommendations
(25 – 150 g/m²)
Spunbond nonwovens, coarse fibers cooltexx 7230 / 7250 / 7270 / H7210
Spunbond nonwovens, fine fibers / flat calendered cooltexx 6430 / 6450 / 6470
Spunbond nonwovens, fine fibers / point-bonded cooltexx 6534 / 6550 / 6570
Wetlaid nonwovens cooltexx 2662 / 2663 / 2664 / 2666 / 2693
Needled nonwovens cooltexx 9210 / 9215
(40 – 70 g/m²)
Spunbond nonwovens cooltexx 3440 / 3450 / 3470
(17 – 32 g/m²)
Wetlaid nonwovens cooltexx 2652 / 2653 / 2654